Foreign economic activity outsourcing

Complete import-export scheme, including procurement from a supplier, transportation to customs, customs clearance and delivery to the clients's warehouse.

Full range of logistics services

Multimodal transport. Transportation of groupage cargo. Responsible storage of goods.

Foreign Economic Activity Consulting

Free preliminary consultation.
Expert assistance.
Planning and design.

Turnkey foreign economic activity service

LLC ZenitTech provides comprehensive foreign economic activity services.

The Company works with all countries of the world. We will fully assume the organization of procurement, customs clearance and delivery of goods across the border to the customer's address.

Russian and foreign companies trust us, as ZenitTech has a reputation of a reliable and proven supplier.

Cooperation with ZenitTech in the area of foreign economic activity outsourcing will allow your company to avoid possible risks in the area of taxes and customs clearance of goods, besides, you will significantly save time and budget.

Certification and freight insurance

Assistance in obtaining and processing the documents and certificates required for customs clearance.

Customs clearance

Selection of correct codes, preparation of documentation, registration as a participant in foreign economic activity, assistance in passing through customs.

Temporary import and export of goods

Benefits for paying customs duties and taxes, no need for licensing.

ZenitTech — 4PL provider

At present, many Russian organisations specialise in sales of foreign goods. And the bigger the company, the more acute is the question of how to properly process a foreign trade transaction and bring goods from abroad.

The 3PL operator takes over the outsourcing of foreign economic activity. The contract shows three parties — the cargo carrier, the sender and the intermediary. Comprehensive services include transportation, warehousing, management, packaging, and escorting a freight forwarder.

The 4PL operator is the official link between the companies-manufacturers and their partners, is characterized by the highest degree of assistance in organizing business processes, plays the role of a single link between suppliers and providers of logistics services, fully controls the processes of all current deliveries.

Difficulties in working with foreign suppliers - how to solve them?

You must agree that it is very difficult to be present in Russia and abroad at the same time, to conclude contracts with suppliers, to deal with cargo clearance, to look for transport for delivery, warehouses for temporary storage, to be 100% familiar with the legislation in the field of export-import.

Therefore, the operator within 4pl negotiates with suppliers, organises the purchase of goods, prepares the required licences and certificates, and transports, warehouses and clears goods at customs. We collect the entire package of documents, and customs services combine the full range of insurance, freight forwarding, payment optimisation and much more.

Our services

  • Outsourcing and consulting in the field of foreign economic activity.
  • Services for temporary import and export of goods.
  • Temporary storage in warehouses.
  • Certification and insurance of goods.
  • Customs clearance of imported and exported goods.
  • International cargo transportation.

Foreign Economic Activity Consulting

Calculation of the feasibility and effectiveness of entering the international market, elaboration of the optimal logistics route. Optimisation of customs procedures: provision of a list of necessary documents, calculation and optimisation of payments. Assistance in processing all necessary documents: transaction passport, foreign trade contract.

What kind of transport is used for cargo transportation across the border?

We organise multimodal transportation - any transport is available: air, road, rail and sea. Transportation of liquid cargo is possible. If possible, we ship groupage cargo (several customers in one vehicle), which allows our customers to save significantly.

Our advantages

  • We provide turnkey foreign economic activity services, starting with the selection of a supplier and ending with the delivery of the purchase to the address.
  • We have been working in the outsourcing FEA market in Moscow for over 20 years.
  • We have experience working with complex projects.
  • We have opened branches in Europe.
  • We work with any countries and destinations.
  • Each client is provided with a personal manager.

Please contact us to clarify all details of further cooperation. +7-495-268-02-11 9k1, Vishnevaya str., Moscow, Russia

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